There is nothing I hate more than buying bottled water only to have to toss the plastic bottle away when recycling is not available. Even if there is a recycle bin nearby, it still seems like a waste. Just as annoying is having to carry that bulky plastic bottle around to either refill or to offer for refuse. If you read enough studies, you will know not all bottled water is created equal and much of it is less equal than that from the tap. I like to kill two birds with one stone. We bought and carry collapsible and reusable water bottles. As we empty them, they take up less space. When they are empty, they fold nicely and are easy to carry.

Cascade Designs makes the Platypus water bottles, but they have a number of other hydration products for the savvy traveler and sportsperson. Whatever brand you buy, make sure the material is BPA-free. You don't want to start with a toxic container. We love our Platypus water bottles.

After having it in our Wish List, Nancy and Rich Fisher bought us each a Bubi bottle. We use it extensively when traveling and love them.


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