If you want to learn some hard truths about luggage theft, see this article from Budget Travel. If you are convinced you need luggage lucks that will not be cut off of your bags, here are sample pictures and links for companies that provide the approved brands for the USA TSA and British authorities.



*Safe Skies Neon TSA-Approved Padlock Double Set

*Safe skies, has an agreement with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to manufacture and distribute TSA locks. Airport security has master tools to open, inspect, and re-lock our luggage padlocks so travellers get to use and re-use our special luggage padlocks, rather than clipping them during mandatory checked baggage inspections at us airports. Wide assortment of colors to choose from.


Choice of four colors.

Secure your belongings with this TSA approved lock

Six colors to choose from.


Victorinox Travel Sentry Approved Lock Set

Travel sentry approved combination lock secures belongings while in transit and allows US airport security to open the lock without destroying it and relock it after inspection.


Go Travel 335 Travel Sentry Alert - Purple

Recognised by the Transport Security Administration, this luggage padlock comes with tamper alert devices so you'll know if anyone unauthorised has tried tampering with your bag. Complete with duplicate keys and reset tool, it's the lock that offers full peace of mind. Indicates TSA security inspection.

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