Why wait to get to the airport to be surprised or shocked at the weight of your luggage. Then you have to contend with the sticker shock of the added expenses. Is that any way to begin or end a trip? No way! You could hope to find a scale at your hotel or accommodation and then do the math thing. First weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding the suitcase followed by doing the math. Personally, I would rather be shocked at the airport than get on a scale with or without accouterments. This is where the luggage scale comes to the rescue. At the end of one of Ron's US trips, I had him bring back the Balanzza BZ300 Digital Luggage Scale I had ordered online. He claims he used it a number of times to organize all of the books I had him cart home to Budapest. We have it for guest use, but I have to save we have used it extensively and love it.


The Travelon 19325-50 Stop and Lock Luggage Scale

Compact and portable, this scale will easily fit into your suitcase. It will weigh suitcases up to 75lbs. The dial stops and locks at the weight for easy reading. You can reset it to zero with a simple twist and it is ready to weigh the next piece of luggage. There is a tape measure for that final dimensions check to meet airline regulations. Do some comparative shopping, because Amazon.com is not the least expensive option. Caution: Due to the hook, it may not go through security, so pack it in your checked luggage.


Lewis and Clark Luggage Scale

This compact scale fits easily in a suitcase. It features high-quality Japanese components including a compact scale thatweighs up to 72lbs / 32kg. You just need to lift the luggage, set it down, and then read the weight, making it a breeze to use. Reset it with a twist of the dial. The features are high-quality Japanese components A durable comfort-grip handle makes it easy to lift with and the 39in/100cm tape measure gives you the extra assurance that your luggage meets regulations. Caution: Do to the hook, it may not go through security, so pack it in your checked luggage.





Balanzza BZ300 Digital Luggage Scale with Alarm and Flash Light

This digital luggage scale allows you to pack smarter, while avoiding those nasty overweight luggage fees. This is the one we have and love it! With an easy-to-read digital display, you can lift up to 100lbs (or 44 Kg), wait for the beep, set the luggage down and read the weight. It's a compact size for easy carrying with a strong strap to secure the luggage to the scale. Since there are no hooks you don't need to worry about snagging clot

hes or getting it through airport security. The one downside is you need to make sure your batteries still have energy when you need them.

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