I get asked about these things so often, it was just easier to put it here.

Links for Potential World Nomads

Home Exchanges: There are multiple sites out there, but we have joined a couple and found one to be very successful.

ü  Home Exchange – www.homeexchange.com

ü  Casa Versa - http://casaversa.com/ Never had any luck with them at all

ü  Intervac - http://www.intervac-homeexchange.com/ They are pricier than others and seem to be snooty. We never joined them.

ü  HomeLink - http://homelink.org/en/ We never investigated this one

There are academics that are always looking for a place to live for a semester when guest lecturing at local universities. Rent out your home through this site.

For free rent, consider house/pet sitting. We joined one group, but since we have so many offers for exchanges, we have yet to do a housesitting assignment.

      House Sitting Worldwide - http://www.housesitworld.com/

      Trusted House Sitters - http://www.trustedhousesitters.com

      House Carers - https://www.housecarers.com/

      Caretaker Gazette - http://www.caretaker.org/

Native English speakers can spend a week abroad as volunteers and having all their needs provided for as well.

Go Overseas – Spain This has various volunteer opportunities to get free room and board in Spain


The book that has a chapter dedicated to our story as ex-pats is called Just Go! It is available here http://amzn.to/1G8QltR in paperback.


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