We do not advocate the Budapest Pass. It will not be worth the money. Buy a transport pass instead. Maps of the system are on a separate page under the main transportation category.

If you happen to be in District VII. you are in luck. Well maybe. You see on Akácfa utca 17, there is the official ticket office for all of BKV. Oh, right, well BKV is the name of the company that is responsible for all public transportation in the city. At this office, your chances of finding someone who will understand English are better and most of the time, they will take your credit cards.


 If you know where we are, this office is right across the street from us. Their hours and a translation are below.


Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Closed weekends and holidays.

Alternatively, you can buy what you need in the metro stations from a person. However, if the ticket office is closed, there are vending machines at all metro and trams stops.

There is a great video here to show you how to use the vending machines, but don't panic. Press the British flag on the machine and you will be provided with instructions in English. It will only take credit cards if you have a PIN code.

Due to the prices changing more often than I would like to keep track of, I will send you to the BKK site to see the current prices in English. Click here

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