The MÁV Start train schedule may show up in Hungarian, but there is an English link at the top right. If this does not show, try it here: MÁV Start. This should bring you to the English version, but if the HONNAN box, put the city you want to travel from. In the HOVA box, put the city you want to travel to. Then click the KERESÉS button. This will take you to the schedule.

Buying your tickets

You can certainly buy your train tickets at any train station. When you look at Elvira, the Hungarian train schedule online, do take note which of the three train stations your train will leave from. If you are coming from another city into Budapest, the opposite is true. If you are uncertain about your communication skills or have concerns about finding the correct ticketing area, you should go right to the Hungarian train office. Each of the stations has different ticketing areas for national or international ticketing. Do not confuse Budapest Kelenföld station with Keleti station. If you do, you will either have a very large taxi bill or you will be using Metro 4 to get there before you board the train.

MÁV, the Hungarian train company has a ticket office which may be more convenient and less time-consuming than going to one of the three train stations. The sign on the office is MÁV - Start Menetjegyiroda located in District V. József Attila u. 16 (white building). Their hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Look for the Aeroflot sign. They are right next door. Their hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You take a number when you enter and the salespeople speak English. For estimated travel times, see  Train From Budapest to...
 Mav Ticket office
Take note that I generally do not subscribe to the idea of buying my train tickets ahead of time, like before leaving North America. You are paying higher fees than you would if you bought them in person. 

Don't be surprised if somewhere along the line, they do all of their checking on the computer, but then write out the ticket by hand; it is just one of the quaint charming facts about the country.

MAV office

If you have reserved a seat, your ticket will have 3 numbers: Train, car, and seat number in that order.


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