These are some of our favorite places to visit, but often times tourists do not plan enough time here to visit or discover them. It is a shame really, as these are real wonders.

1. Miksa Róth Memorial House
He was an innovator in stained glass artistry and mosaics. His work is displayed around the world, but here you will see much of it in the city and in the parliament building.
Nefelejc u. 26 VII. Tues to Sun 2pm-6pm Stained glass and mosaics

2. Dohány Synagogue and Jewish Museum
Dohány u. 2-8 

If you don't take the full tour (Synagogue, Memorial Garden, Museum), you are cheating yourself. Closed Saturdays and Jewish holiday other than for services. The hours/price list is in this blog here. More Jewish attractions are shown here.

3. Postamúzeum (Postal Museum)

Unfortunately, this museum has moved. However, if you get an opportunity to get inside the building, it is fabulous.
Andrássy út 3 Fantastic architecture inside the building and going up to the museum as well as in the museum itself; interesting exhibits

4. Kerepesi Cemetery
Fumei út VIII - Humungous; fabulous artwork; tons of  history. No one has left not being awed.

5. Néprajzi Múzeum (Ethnographic)
Kossuth tér 12 - Across the street from Parliament, a wonderful place to wait for your Parliament tour to begin. This was the former Supreme Court

6. Stumbling Stones
Around the city, but on Dohány, Ráday, and near synagogues - These golden blocks are placed in front of the last known address of a Holocaust survivor who has no one left to remember her or him. The block listed their name, date of birth, last date of living, and occupation. If you click here, you will be redirected to the PDF article that discusses this in more detail. There is more information in this blog also. Click here to be redirected.

7. Memento Park
Take the tour once there. I don't suggest the tour that goes from the city center as they rush you through and you will want to see the uncovered legitimate, though dated training film for spies. The brochure is in this blog. Search for it.

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