laundryDue to our laundry limitations, we prefer guests do not ask to use our washing machine. It has a small limited capacity and we have no dryer. When guests use our equipment, it puts our own cycle of laundry behind. To this end, we do request 3 Euros a washload to encourage you to use the laundromat around the corner.






Self-Service Laundry
Address: Dohány u. 37
Telephone: 781 0098
9:00 am to 11:59 pm. (the start of a last wash is at 10 pm)

Self Service Laundry Prices:

Washing "INTENSIVE" (max. 8kg ~70min.) - 800HUF
Washing "MINI" (max. 3kg - ~20min.) - 800HUF
Extra spinning (+14 min.) - 300HUF
Drying (max. 8kg -  ~70min.) - 800HUF

They use Ariel power washing capsules and Coccolino softener. Our prices contain the detergent and the softener!

As an alternative, Bubbles Laundromats are self-catering, but the washing machines are much larger capacity. These are the three locations that are closest to us. Click on the map to see it larger or go to their website here. Look for the locations in district VI, VII, and VIII.


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