When I first heard about this museum, I ignored it thinking it was just a gimmick. When guests went there, giving it two thumbs up, I decided it was time to see for myself. It opened March 2008. You should try to get there just prior to the hour as tours in English start on the hour.

Each tour starts with a short video of historical footage pertaining to the hospital during WWII and a minor piece highlighting the ’56 Revolution. Then the amazement begins with the tour through the vast and plentiful rooms of the hospital. Having been a medical social worker, I was enthralled, but realized this could be just as compelling to anyone regardless of their background. It was originally created in the 30s, but with the conditions of war raging on the surface, it is almost inconceivable how they were able to create, and more remarkably, maintain a hospital under these circumstances.

All of the equipment, including bandages and other supplies are the originals that remained. There is even a helicopter there that had to be disassembled and reassembled, but only to represent medi–flights. The real helicopters used would be too large for the space. Some of the wax figures are so incredibly lifelike that there is an expectation that they will continue performing surgery while you are watching. After the war, it was closed as a hospital, but was used again for 2 months – October to December, 1956. This is really a shining star in the list of museums. Since it is not funded by the state, it is open on Mondays. Photography and videotaping are not allowed. Tours can be arranged ahead of time in Spanish, Italian, or German.

Address: I. Lovas út 4c.
Telephone: 06/70/701-0101 (mobile only).
Website: www.sziklakorhaz.eu/en.

Hours: Monday - Sunday 10am-8pm (last tour at 7pm).
Admission - Adults 3,600 Ft
Students under 26 and seniors over 621,800 Ft .

Directions: Bus: 16A from Széll Kálmán tér or 16 from Deák tér to Szentharomság tér on Castle Hill. From the square walk away from the church on Szentháromság utca to the wall overlooking the city. There you will find a staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right.  Funicular: From Clark Ádám tér to Castle Hill and then walk.

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