You may just want a healthy snack for a day's adventures, staying in our self-catered Feri Place apartment, or you could be living here for longer than a vacation. Here is a sampling of some of the fresh air markets for your shopping pleasure.


Komjádi Market

After Communism, cheaper outdoor markets sprang up. Probably the last of these MDF (Hungarian Democrat Forum) markets has local produce and goods on Saturdays from 6 AM. II. Frankel Leo ut 35



Bosnyák Square Market

At the end of Bus 7 line, you’ll find lovely older ladies selling their home grown produce. A true neighborhood experience. Mondays 6 am to 5 pm; Tuesdays to Fridays, 6 to 6; Saturdays, 6 to 2 pm. XIV Bosnyak ter.



József Város Market

Some say it’s a colorful adventure, others call it a disgraceful labyrinth of illegal goods. Mostly Asian vendors, this huge, crowded site has low prices due to absence of taxes, invoices, and VAT. If you go here, photos are not encouraged. Open daily from dawn to dusk. VIII. Kobanyai ut 6.



Hunyadi Square Market

The last open air food market in city center. A good place for healthy and locally grown food. Unfortunately, it’s endangered as the government is considering a parking facility there. Local people have been successfully protesting for years, but the outcome is uncertain. VI. Hunyadi ter.



Organic Food Market

One of the biggest is seasonally open on Saturdays, 6:30 to noon. Vendors situated in wood or reed huts offer produce, honey, marmalades, wines, teas, nuts, dairy, breads, and more. All are certified by Biokontroll Hungaria Ltd. XII. Csorsz utca 14.


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