Food-AllergiesYou are not seeing double. This is also listed under the Medical section.

Someone wrote me to ask how to tell wait staff in restaurants that they have allergies to specific items. She said, "I am highly allergic to food additives such as nitrates or sulfates." One of my former students translated it.

If you should need these, print them out to show. They will never understand you if you try to pronounce it.

  • "I am highly allergic to food additives such as nitrates or sulfates."

"Erősen allergiás vagyok az olyan élelmiszer adalékanyagokra, mint a nitrátok vagy a szulfátok."

  • "If I eat anything with peanuts, I will die."

"Ha bármi olyat eszem, amiben földimogyoró van, meghalok."

"Nem ehetek tejtermékeket."

  • “I cannot have milk.”

"Nem ihatok tejet."

  • “I cannot have anything with gluten.”

"Nem fogyaszthatok semmit, amiben glutén van."

 Special thanks to Árpád Farkas for the translations!

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