There are six of these markets in the city, but this one is the largest and most famous. Their reason for being was to create sanitation standards. Up to that point, vendors sold their foods on the street. If you look behind the market, you will find a ramp from the river. Barges were able to come up the ramp for the goods to be unloaded.

Address: IX. Vámház körút 3

Opening hours:
Monday: 6am to 5pm
Tuesday to Friday: 6am to 6pm
Sat: 6am to 3pm
Sunday: closed

Getting here:
Trams/ streetcars: number 2, 47 or 49
Metro: blue line, get off at Kálvin tér stop and walk towards the River Danube for about 5 min.

Tips for shopping here:

  • If you have time, start at the back and work your way forward. The front vendors can get higher prices from bus tours who have limited time to shop. 
  • There is a mushroom lady in the back that generally has truffles.
  • Saffron is not the best quality, but it is cheap if you want to impress your friends. Unless they are real gourmets, they will never know.
  • Unless you really want the decorative paprika packages, you can buy all of the same quality paprika in any grocery store for a lot less.
  • Upstairs, you will find all of the touristy things: T-shirts, wood puzzles, bags, and lots of embroidered goods. Most vendors will haggle, but they are not as flexible as they used to be. Still, these are about as good as the prices will get in the city.

Tips for eating:

  • Try to avoid the restaurant at the top of the escalator. It is expensive. The lángos booth or any of the others on the ride side of the upstairs will serve authentic Hungarian food at reasonable prices. The tradeoff is that you need to stand at a table to eat it.

One last tip:

  • There is a supermarket in the basement, now an Aldi, which you can skip, but there are other vendors there as well. Visit the wild game butcher or the fishmonger. It is a cultural delight.

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