This is a rather arbitrary list, but it will make it easier to interpret or substitute a few ingedients.

Crème fraîche: There is no adequate Hungarian expression for this ingredient. It is not yogurt, not sour cream, not kefir and it is not cooking cream.

Túró: Cottage cheese. It is creamy, contains 4% fat, soft and usually jsut crumbly dairy product.

Tejszín (48%): Heavy cream. It is a cream with high content of animal fat. Typically used as a dressing, and if it is necessary to the pasta, you can change the fat content of the pasta with extra butter.

Habtejszín (30 or 35%): Double cream

Krémsajt: Cream cheese/soft cheese. It is plain, unsalted. In Hungary, it is also available from Philadelphia or its substitutes.

Folyadékban futtatandó szárított élesztő: Active dry yeast.

Friss élesztő: Fresh yeast

Szárított élesztő: Instant dry yeast. It is not necessary to put into water before use – theoretically, is is more active, „stronger”, so 20% less is enough, than the amount necessary from active dry yeast.

Jódozatlan só: Kosher salt. It does not contain iodine, it has bigger graines, dissolves slower than table salt. It can be replaced by table salt, but only half of it needed.

Süteményliszt: Cake flour. It contains less protein than plain flour. It is a highly processed white flour, very finely milled. It can be replaced by plain flour, but 10% less is enough of it.

Sütőpor: Baking powder. It contains baking soda, too. There are two types: single-phase and two-phase baking powder.

Szódabikarbóna: Baking soda. It works with acidic ingredients, so in pastas containing lemon juice, yogurt etc. In such a case, in emergency, we baking powder can be replaced with it, but we should bake the pasta right away, because chemical reactions arestarting immediatley after mixing.

Szegfűbors: Allspice

Source: Daily News Hungary

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