Mexcian foodWe lived in California for a number of years. The city where we lived had a high population of Mexicans and we worked with some feisty ones who challenged us with different dishes. We love Mexican food, so to say we really miss it here, is an understatement. However, when we do discover a great Mexican stop off point, we are ready comer (to eat).

This is new addition and we have not tested it yet.

Gringos Amigos
Address: VI. Anker köz 2-4
Telephone: 266-0239 

Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 10pm


My newest favorite is a tiny place around the corner from us.

Address: VII. Wesselényi 35

Telephone: 796-5370 

Hours: Daily 11am to 2am 

They opened in April of 2013, but they have already opened two new locations, also near us. They have a steady stream of guests checking out the food. I love the burritos and the pork sandwich. Great prices too.

Tacos Loco
Address: VII. Erzsébet körút 37-39
Telephone: 787-8615
Hours: Daily noon to 11pm

Mexican owner and Mexican chef: Mole, cochinita pibil and arrachera tacos among the offerings.

Burrita Mexican Restaurant Bar & Pub
V. Oktober 6 utca 6
Hours: 11am to 11pm every day of the week
Telephone: 794-4503

This is a new edition for us anyway. We just found this great place recently. The decor is fun and lively. The staff speaks English well. The burritos we had were so yummy, if they were not the size of a small submarine, I could have eaten two of them.


Elláto kert
Address: VII. Kazinczy u. 48
Telephone: 06-30-628-9136
Hours: Monday to Thursday 10am to 1am, Friday to Sunday 10am to 3am.

Tacos are prepared in corn with papas con chorizo, bistec, tinga de pollo, frijoles and rajas con crema, by rotating Mexican chefs, but all from Mexico.

El Rapido
Address: VII. Kazinczy u. 10
Telephone: 783-4627
Hours: Monday to Thursday 10:30am to 3am, Friday 10:30am to 4am, Saturday noon to 4am, Sunday noon to 1am

This seems to be Mexican with a touch of Hungarian. Each time we have been here, the service is slow contrary to the name of the restaurant, one order cooked at a time. Yet, we have returned, because it is worth the wait. Fajitas, burritos (my favorite), quesadillas, and tacos.

Arriba Taqueria
Address: VI. Teréz körút 25
Telephone: 374-0057
Hours: Daily 11am to midnight

They have one of my favorite burritos: carnitas. There is a variety of meat choices, vegetarian, and UGH fish tacos. This is better than Taco Bell, but not as authentic as the others.

Address: V. Zoltán u. 16
Telephone: 331-4352
Hours: Daily 11:30am to 1am

This may be the best known Mexican restaurant in the city, it probably is because it draws the ExPats who miss REAL Mexican food. The pickings here are Tex-Mex, not authentically Mexican. In a pinch it will do, but they do make a good margarita. If you need something to do on Cinco de Mayo, this is the place to be.

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