RailpassOne question I receive repeatedly and see so very often on travel sites and blogs is “Should I buy a Eurail Pass or point to point tickets? How about something in between that seems to be a well-kept secret, the Railplus Card?

Railplus Card is a European rail travel card that provides you with a 25% discount on the purchase of tickets for conventional international trains (day or night), on condition that your journey crosses at least one frontier*, meaning borders from one country to another. (* except for the trains to Maastricht). The list of countries that accept the card is below.
However, this reduction is also valid for journeys in a single country (both in Belgium and on foreign networks), on the condition that these are journeys connecting with Thalys, TGV or Eurostar trains. If this is what you want the card for, ask before purchasing to make sure your needs are going to be met.

Who can buy a Railplus card?

Anyone, and there are 3 different Railplus cards to choose from:

  • Youth Card - € 20. For young people from ages 12 to 25 years
  • Adult Card - € 45. For those from 26 to 60 years**
  • Senior Card - € 20. from 60 years onward**

(**) The Railplus card only offers discounts on the networks in France, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Norway for the Youth Card, those under 26 years old.

Validity of Use:

  • Cards are valid for one year from the date you the purchaser have determined.
  • Cards can be used in most European countries to buy 1st and 2nd class tickets.
  • Your Railplus card is registered in your name.
  • Your Railplus card cannot be exchanged or reimbursed.
  • Railplus cards are not valid on TGV Brussels-France, Thalys, Eurostar or night trains with global fares (ticket + reservation).

Where do you buy your Railplus card?

The Railplus card is available in all SNCB stations selling international tickets. If you have a Railplus card, you can buy your tickets with the Railplus discount in train stations, by phone or online.

The RailPlus card program offers a 25% discount on all border crossing train tickets in the countries listed below. It is included in some national discount cards, but must be purchased separately in other countries. This card also provides a discount on some international ferries.





Czech Republic



Great Britain
















Digital Homeprint

Purchase your train tickets for travel in the Benelux region online or via telephone, and select our Digital Homeprinting option: you will receive your tickets via e-mail and you can print them at home on a plain sheet of paper. Simple and comfortable!

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