Hungarian money can be so confusing with all of the zeros. When you get to the ATM, you become a deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. There is a simple solution for any currency you may encounter now or in the future.

 Currency Convertor Cheat Sheet

This has been mentioned before, but it bears repeating. If go to the site here, you can create a currency convertor cheat sheet for each currency you will encounter on your trip. What I do is create the table, copy it and then paste it into a Word document, and print it out. Then I go back and reverse the exchange rate by clicking on Reverse FXCheatSheet under the table. I copy it again, paste it into another Word document, but this time I print it on the opposite side as the first table. This allows me to fold over the sheet and have a table on each side, so I can flip it back and forth as needed.

The cheat sheets I have depended on for years, are no longer offered, so what you will find here is a suitable replacement.

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