If you want Euros, there are a couple of options.

1. This OTP bank is the only one in the city with a cash withdrawal machine that dispenses Euros. Here is the address sign directly across from the bank. Strangely enough, they caught me taking the photo below, so now the machines are inside the bank lobby! All the better for you, but there are three ATMs in there. Only one disperses Euros, but it has a sign on the top.



There is where the machine was. However, after they caught me photographing the machines, they were ripped out and moved. To the right of where the Yellow stickie in the picture is, there is a courtyard. The machines are now located in the courtyard with limited hours Monday to Friday, but it is closed weekends.


Alternatively, you can go to one of the many currency conversion booths. They are all regulated by law, but not all will give you the same rate. You can check for some locations here

You should also have a currency conversion cheat sheet, which you can get here.

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