Hungary is not using the Euro yet and at this time; the projected year is still undetermined. The currency is the Hungarian Forint or HUF, sometimes abbreviated as Ft. You should know that some of the currency has been removed from circulation while one new form of currency has been added.

These are the current coins in use. The 1 and 2 forint coins are no longer circulated and are not shown in this picture. Prices are rounded up or down when they end in numbers other than 0 or 5.




The 200 forint bill has been taken out of circulation. It has been replaced by a coin similar to the 100 forint coin, only larger. If someone tries to give you one, do not accept it.





The following notes are still used. The number of zeros on the bills confuse many people making it wise to print out a currency convertor cheat sheet when you are at the ATM or shopping. You can create your cheat sheet here.



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