Medical TourismMedical Tourism is becoming globally popular. Interestingly, Hungary has been a hotspot for dental tourism for decades. Long before the Iron Curtain came down, Hungary was THE place to go for dental work. The dentists here are highly trained, their work is on par with the world's best dentists, and the cost is significantly lower.
That being said, this section will include Dental Tourism as well as Cosmetic Tourism. Hungarian plastic surgeons have long realized the benefits of specialized training in the US or the UK. This affords them the opportunity to provide services to those who are willing to travel here, while paying far less for procedures than one would in their home country. Even with the cost of travel, the over savings are significant.
We at BudaBaB are pleased to offer an additional service for those wanting to take advantage of medical tourism opportunities. If you book your room with us, we can offer you escort services to and from the facilities and someone who will wait for you to assist you in returning back to our place once again. We will be available for any emergency during your recuperation time in order to facilitate communications with the medical provider.
Note that unless otherwise indicated, we are not associated any of these facilities in any fashion; therefore, we make it clear that they are listed here as a service only to guide BudaBaB members. Further investigation of each service is entirely up to the member's discretion.
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