General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. András Janitsáry
József krt. 13 I/13 Bell 42
VIII. Budapest



Cosmetic Dentistry

Kreative Dental Clinic

Afraid of dentists? Well, something wand-erful is possibly in your future. At the Kreative Dental Clinic they use a wand that looks like a pen, but it is controlled by a computerized delivery system. This wand allows the dentist to numb your gums and tooth before they start the treatment. This takes the 'ouch' out of local anesthetic, because there is no syringe in sight. The Kreative Dentist team keeps a look-out for those technological devices specifically to make your dental treatment as pleasant as possible. Their comprehensive services include scaling and polishing, whitening, zirconium crowns, and dental implants. Consultations are free.

XIV. Vezér u. 100
Telephone: 222-0199


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