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After one million IntraLASIK surgeries, IntraLASIK statistics have shown this technique completely unites the advantages of PRK and LASIK surgeries, without their disadvantages.

Intra┬ČLASIK surgeries are characterized by the three important advantages. It is safe, painless, quick. Here in Hungary, it is only performed by Focus Medical with their so-called femtosecond laser equipment.

IntraLASIK is the only laser vision correction procedure, which guarantees

  • maximum safety,
  • complete painlessness,
  • mmediate results at the same time.

On a personal note, I have had this surgery performed. The doctor explained that since I was over 50 years old, she recommended trying the surgery on one eye only. In this way, one eye can see distance while the other can see close up. It was also explained that due to my age, if I had both eyes done, I would most likely need glasses for reading. Bending to her suggestion, I only had the one eye operated on. It took 15 minutes and was painless. I now tell people I have one bionic eye and one regular one. This was the best thing I could have done for myself. The follow-up was exceptional.

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