Just about anywhere you go in the downtown area, someone will be willing to rent you a bike. Some of the rental shops that I recommend are listed in my book, so I won't repeat them here with one exception below. Regardless, I will advise that when you rent a bike, you make sure that the protective head helmet and possible other gear are included in the rental costs. You don't want to ride without head gear.







Bike Tour Companies

Budapest Bike - Brochure below

Budapest Bike Breeze 


Yellow Zebra

Bike Fair

Just as a sidebar item, Szimpla kert, which started as a ruins pub now has a bike fair once a month, but they don't have specific dates on a calendar that one can look at to plan on attending. This lack of specifics is very ruins-publike. 

Szimpla is located at VII. Kazinczy utca 14. When they do have the bike fair, it runs from 1 to 7pm and the last one was on a Friday. If you catch one, what you can expect to find are various used bike bits and bobs plus new accessories. If you go and there is no bike fair, what you can expect is to have a cheap drink in funky surroundings having fun with locals.






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