CruisingSmartphones, iPads, and other smart technological devices are ubiquitous these days and are often part of our travel arsenal.

These apps may be just what you need to help you plan your trip and if you have Internet access when you travel, to help guide your way. To find a quick and easy app-lication for navigating this page, use the Search box on the home page. Well, you could always download this on your Android or iPad and cozy up in chair for some great reading. Other categories are on separate posts. If there are any broken links here, go to the source page here. Other categories are in separate posts.

Other categories are in separate posts. All info was gathered from published sources and collated.


You may find cruising apps a funny addition for a landlocked country like Hungary, but think again. There are many cruises that travel the Danube River. Even if this were not so, we want to be user friendly and not Hungary-centric.

Cruise Finder: With more than 12,000 itineraries on 20 cruise lines, the new Cruise Finder app by is one of the largest and best cruise line listing databases available. In addition amongst the other features include previews of rooms with detailed cabin photos and deck plans. Need help locating the port on departure day? The travel app provides step-by-step directions from your front door. Free, requires Wi-Fi (Cruise ships usually charge for Wi-Fi on board—expect to pay around 75¢ a minute). Download it: iPhone/iPad

Control Your Expenses: When on a vacation of any sort, losing track of your expenditures is easy to do. When all you need to do is sign for them, it makes it downright dangerous. By typing in your daily planned expenses like tips and port excursions, plus those things like buying a round of drinks at the bar, Cruise Card Control app will be able to monitor your spending habits. Nasty financial surprises can really ruin a happy memory. Wi-Fi is not needed for the app's running tally, so you can monitor spending without data fees. $1 Download it: iPhone/iPad.

Cruise Advice: So you are at work, bored and want to plan your next cruise without the boss spotting your computer monitor. The Always Be Cruising app is a similar to a social-network in that it accesses the world of other zealous cruisers who are fervently ready to share their experiences. Once you create a profile and enter your itinerary, connections with other passengers from the past, present, or future are at your fingertips willing to give advice on anything from where to book the best deal to which buffet to avoid to which cruise director doles out the most upgrades. Free, requires Wi-Fi (cruise ships usually charge for Wi-Fi on board—expect to pay around 75¢ a minute). Download it: iPhone/iPad.

Time Management: So you have booked your cruise and there are so many activities it is almost impossible to decide what to do first while gauging when to fit in meals, drinks, sunning, and so on. Such a dilemma! Ship Mate app comes to the rescue. Create your daily schedule (for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, Costa, or MSC cruises—plus Disney Cruises on the Android version), scrutinize deck maps and plan your landside trips using the app's guides, which include prices for each outing. $2 each cruise line. Download it: Android, iPhone/iPad.


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