Smartphones, iPads, and other smart technological devices are ubiquitous these days and are often part of our travel arsenal. Money app

These apps may be just what you need to help you plan your trip and if you have Internet access when you travel, to help guide your way. To find a quick and easy app-lication for navigating this page, use the Search box on the home page. Well, you could always download this on your Android or iPad and cozy up in chair for some great reading.

Other categories are in separate posts. All info was gathered from published sources and collated.

Don't get lost in translation with your money or your measurements. 

How Much is This in That?:  When at odds as to which of the free currency-converter apps to choose, Oanda Currency Converter has the best reputation for reliability. You will be able to calculate exchanges between more than 190 currencies, probably more than you knew existed. Pulling from the inter-bank market rates, how banks calculate when trading money, the app greater accuracy. Readjusting the results, it can offer the specific transaction type (credit card or cash) you need at any given time. Free. Download it: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad.

 Quid Universal Currency Converter app is another alternative for money conversion. Covering more than 190 exchange rates, it updates just by hitting the refresh button. Tip: Turn off the auto-update feature while you're abroad to avoid sky-high roaming charges. $1. Download it: iPhone/iPad.

Keep an eye on your money. When I am away, money seems to fly from my wallet and at the end of the day; I have only a vague memory of where it all went. In the old days, I would bring an checkbook register to record my daily expenses. Now, the Manage Your 

Expenses app will let you track your spending when at home or away. Categorize your expenses, set a limit of spending, and voilĂ , all your expenses are a touch away. You will know how much you already spent, how much more you can spend, and when you spent that much money. This works on a per month basis, but if you are going on a 2 week vacation, just wish it were a month long. Free. Download it. Android

What size am I in this country? I can tell you from personal experiences, clothing sizes are unreliable from country to country. Both women and men can shop with a secure feeling when using the Convert Clothes app. When you roll a dial to pick your U.S. size in four categories (clothes, shoes, pants, and bra), the app's simple interface spits out the corresponding numbers for eight countries, including Japan and France. That is the start-off point, but it is always best to try before you buy whenever possible.  Free. Download it: iPhone/iPad.

This is what again? If celsius and liters or fahrenheit and gallons are similar to a foreign language for you, you will appreciate this app that does all of those conversions for you. The  Convertbot app takes the headache out of the equation. Move the wheel to choose one of 20 categories including: time, speed, and more. Then type in the amount. The app instantly converts the figure into the desired unit of measure. $2. Download it: iPhone/iPad.

A similar app for the Android is the All In One Unit Converter Android App. It is free and you can download it here if you are using the QR scan tool.

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