kidSmartphones, iPads, and other smart technological devices are ubiquitous these days and are often part of our travel arsenal.

These apps may be just what you need to help you plan your trip and if you have Internet access when you travel, to help guide your way. To find a quick and easy app-lication for navigating this page, use the Search box on the home page. Well, you could always download this on your Android or iPad and cozy up in chair for some great reading. Other categories are on separate posts. Sorry, but none of the links were included in my research. Google them. Sorry, but there is nothing for the Blackberry.

 Other categories are in separate posts. All info was gathered from published sources and collated.

 These apps are App-licable for those with kids.

On the Road Again: Keeping kids happy while on a long car ride is a challenge. Entertain the little ones with thousands of 25-square grids to play RoadTripBingo app, which includes street signs, different cars, hotels, even things like a flag. Android, $1; iPhone, iPad, $2. Download it: Android, iPhone/iPad.

Don't Forget The Baby: Those tiny travelers require the most baggage? Baby Pack & Go app has supply packing lists that you can customize for each child. It also sends reminders to ensure globe-trotting doesn't disrupt baby's routine: Ding! It's lunchtime. Ding! Naptime. $1. Download it: iPhone.

 Dr. Seuss Goes App: Let Dr. Seuss read to the little ones with the iPhone/iPad-ready renditions of his best-selling stories. Let The Lorax app be your on-the-road babysitter: It reads the story aloud, and when you tap an illustration, the machine will speak its name ("Trees." "Grass." "Pond."). $5. Download it: Android, iPhone/iPad.

 Color Without Crayons: After you download the Dora the Explorer Coloring Adventures app, your child will have a virtual coloring and sticker book, which is ideal for two to six year olds. There are five scenes redesign infinitely repeatedly and no wall markings to clean. $5. Download it: iPad.

 No Drip Ice Cream: Want a highly addictive game that will occupy young minds for hours? Scoops is a game app where the only goal is to position a virtual ice cream cone under colorful scoops that fall from the sky, using the phone's motion-sensitive accelerometer to direct the cone with a tilt of the wrist. Free. Download it: iPhone/iPad.

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