Keleti Train StationFrom this station you can take the metro, bus, or walk. Directions for all are below. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI!

Metro: At the front of the station before the front doors there are stairs down to Metro lines 2 and 4. You want line 2. Note: 

Once at the bottom of the stairs, look for ticket machines or the ticket office. They rotate hours of the office, so it is difficult to say which may be open at any given time, but there is a BKV ticket office, which should be open. If that office is open, make your purchase before you go down the escalator. If not, there is another office at the bottom of the escalator.

Purchase a ticket for 350 Ft or 3,000 Ft for a book of 10 tickets, a one day pass for 1,650 Ft, a three day pass for 4,150 Ft, a 7 day pass for 4,950 Ft, or a 14 day pass for 7,000 Ft. The one, three or seven day passes do not need validation.

  • Validate individual tickets before the escalator.
  • After going down the escalator, look at the walls and you will see the names of the stations.
  • Take the train where you see Blaha Lujza on the wall. It is only one stop from Keleti.MetroExit
  • When you come up the escalator, take the stairs on the immediate left passing the two bakeries, and a mobile phone kiosk. Look for exit "H".
  • At the top of the stairs you will see a Burger King at the very beginning of Akácfa u.
  • Turn right and come to number 18. We are on the left hand side of the street.
  • Remember the address is Akácfa u. 18 fourth floor, apartment 24. There is a new doorbell system. You will see our names Schmitz/James with BudaBaB/ACES, but all you need to do is press 2+4 (24), our apartment number. You will then hear it ringing into our apartment.

Bus from this station:

To take a bus from Keleti train station, you will need to buy a transport ticket or pass from a newsstand vendor in the station or downstairs in the ticket office. I really do not know which one to suggest. Alternatively, you can go downstairs in the station where the transportation office is located to buy a ticket(s). If you are traveling with someone, one can get the ticket while the other waits with the luggage.

Walk out the front door of the station and turn right to the crosswalk. This is Baross ter. You will be in front of Rossmann Drogéria. Facing Rossmann, turn left where you will see bus stands about a half block down the street.

You can take just about any bus that stops at either of the two stands. The buses that stop at one or the other of these two stands are numbers 5, 7, 7e*, 110, 112, 8e*, 108e*, 133e*, 178, 907, 973.

From Keleti you will get off at the second stop on regular buses or one stop on the *express buses. The stop is Blaha Lujza.

*E designates an express bus
907 and 973 are night buses.

From the bus stop, continue walking in the direction the bus is going. At the corner is a CBA grocery store. Turn right on that corner; you will be on Erzsebet Körút. Walk one block to the New York Hotel. Turn left to cross the street crossing over the tram tracks.  This is Dohány utca. Walk one block down Dohány to Akácfa u. and turn right. We are on the left hand side of the street.

Walking (0.8 mile): If you are at the front of the train station, stand with the station to your back as you face the construction of the new Metro 4 line. You will want to go down Baross tér, the road that comes straight to the station.

Streets change names with each district. Baross tér will turn into Rákóczi út.

  • When you reach Erzsébet körút you will not be able to cross the street without out going underground. Instead, at that corner you will be at a CBA grocery store. Turn right on to Erzsébet körút and walk one block.
  • You will be at the New York Hotel at the corner of Erzsébet körút and Dohany utca.
  • With the NY Hotel to your back, you want to cross Erzsébet körút following Dohány utca.
  • At that corner, you will see an Erste Bank. Follow Dohány utca one block to Akácfa and turn right.
  • You want to be on the left side of Akácfa with the large office building on the right side of the street. Once you pass the tobacco store, we are the very next door, number 18. There is a new doorbell system. All you need to do is press 2+4 (24), our apartment number. You will then hear it ringing into our apartment.


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