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How to reach us from the Ferenc Liszt airport:

Note that the train is only from the old Ferihegy One airport. The train still stops at that station, but that airport no longer operates as a passenger terminal.

 Airport Directions

This helpful chart is available in PDF format here, which will be easier to read.

We do not recommend the currency exchange at the airport. The rates are poor and there is a commission. We suggest you use the bank machine to withdraw what you need. In the city, there are many currency exchange places with much better rates and bank machines are everywhere.

Terminal 1 Budapest

Airport Train- If you arrive at the Budapest International Ferenc Liszt Airport, you can take the bus discussed below to the what used to be the Airport Terminal 1. From there passengers can reach Nyugati Station via the train. On weekdays 51 trains (weekends, 38 trains) ease the traveling to and from the city center to the airport within less than half an hour for 320 Ft. There are 60 trains on weekdays and 45 at weekends from the airport to the city center. Directions from the train station to our place are below, so scroll down. There is no station at the airport, so stay alert or you may miss the stop. Be sure to buy a ticket at the station or at the airport (Ask Tourist Info).

Airport shuttle: When you come through the sliding doors after Customs, there is a kiosk that states “Airport Shuttle”. It is immediately to your right. They will take you directly to our door. If they ask the district, it is the 7th.  here is a multiple person discount; please check their website for the full rate schedule. After you purchase your ticket, they will have you wait for the shuttle to be filled and then they will call out the street name. You need to listen for Akácfa (“Ah-cots-fuh”) to be called out. If you are uncertain, ask them. They are used to it.

Remember the address is Akácfa u. 18 fourth floor, apartment 24. Our doorbell has Schmitz/James and BudaBaB/ACES on it, but you must enter 24 on the keypad for it to ring us upstairs. If you prefer, you can order your shuttle and pay for it ahead of time, by clicking here. They will reserve your return trip as well.

Taxi: The airport has worked hard at licensing 'authorized' taxis and the one to receive the contract is Főtaxi. The city of Budapest has made it law that all taxis use meters. Also by law, they are supposed to give you a printed receipt. You have to pay what is on the meter. If you want to use a different company, you must call them to arrange it. Taxi drivers will approach you to take their taxi, but many are rogue illegals. Főtaxi is legal, licensed and has a kiosk right outside the airport.

Budapest Public transportation: Ticket prices are subject to change, usually in January and July:

This information is for the OLD way of publc transport before Bus 100E was started. There are separate directions for bus 100E and then how to reach us from there.

This is for the adventurous and the budget minded.  However, it is not cost effective as opposed to bus 100E, but it will get you a bit closer to us. It will take about one hour.

At the newspaper kiosk behind the airport shuttle desk in the lobby, you can buy transportation tickets for the bus, metro, and tram. Purchase three tickets for 350 Ft  each or 3,000 Ft for a book of 10 tickets. Passes have to be bought at metro stations. 

Do not forget to validate your ticket for each leg of your journey in the red or orange validation boxes: one for the bus, one for the blue metro line and then one for the red line. Do not validate your tickets all at one time, but each time you change lines.

  • Exit the airport and turn left. At the end of the terminal, there is a bus stop. Both busses 93 and 200E will go to the blue metro line. You can also buy tickets from the driver if you have small bills (not over 1,000 Ft), but they are 400 Ft each.
  • Take either bus, the 93 or 200E to the very end of the line to the Blue Metro station at Kőbánya-Kispest. You will see an escalator going into the building.
  • At the top of the escalator, walk halfway through the building and you will see the entrance to the Metro on the left. You can take any train that is there, since this is the beginning and end of the line.
  • Get off at Deák ter. This is 10 stops.
  • Change to the Red Metro (line number 2) going in the direction of Örs vezér tér. You have to go 2 stops to Blaha Lujza tér.
  • When you come up the escalator, take the stairs on the immediate left passing two bakeries and a mobile phone kiosk.
  • At the top of the stairs you will see a Burger King at the very beginning of Akácfa u.
  • Turn right and come to number 18. We are on the left hand side of the street.
  • Remember the address is Akácfa u. 18 fourth floor, apartment 24. Our doorbell has Schmitz/James and BudaBaB/ACES on it, but you must enter 24 on the keypad for it to ring us upstairs.

These infographics are provided by BKK, the Budapest Transportation Company.

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