Did you forget to buy souvenirs on your trip? Did you want something, but had a fear of breakage? Didn't remember what size sweatshirt your recipient wears? Maybe there just was not enough room in that carry-on to stuff in another thing.

We now have a solution for you. We have an online store where you can order souvenirs, post cards, greeting cards, plus many other items. Order from the closest country to you and they will be shipped directly to your home. Shopping and shipping are available around the world.

Do check back here often. We will continually be adding items; some are just fun items, others are from around the world where we have traveled.

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BudaBaB Souvenirs

Budapest and Hungary Souvenirs

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  Postcards and Greeting Cards

Humorous Gifts - Assorted items

World Travels Souvenirs - Assorted items

   More coming

Holiday Gifts - Assorted items


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